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    (Races open to all Pigeon Flyers)

    We are very proud to announce the Eighth Annual "Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge" One-loft Race. The Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge Race Series will be a seven-race series starting at 100 miles, going out to 250 miles, coming back and starting again at 138 miles, then going all the way out to 326 miles. With our race experience we keep every bird in its best competitive condition.

    The 2015 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge participants believed in me and I want to thank them for that belief - We had a great 2016 race series! We believe that 2017 will be even better! Notice will be posted here on the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge website, under news, with the exact directions to the release point before any qualifying race including the 100 mile activation toss is released. I want to make this very clear from the very first race here at Plymouth Peak to the last. For every activation race and every race, every bird has been caught, hand scanned in, and checked for health, before going to the race.

    We are located in Northern Utah in the picturesque town of Fielding. We will be racing across Idaho up into the middle of Montana. If you have never experienced flying through the Rocky Mountains of the West, you're missing out on one of the great race courses of the United States, and on seeing what your birds can do--achieving speeds from 950 to 1500 yards per minute! You should definitely send a team of birds out to Northern Utah to be a part of the newest and greatest one-loft race, and watch on-line at our web-site to see each training toss over 40 miles, and each weekly race, live!

    The birds will be housed in a 10 ft. x 120 ft. state-of-the-art loft with 12 sections, holding 60 young birds each--a total of 720 young birds! Reserve a perch now for a guaranteed entry!

    We will give weekly updates of bird health, daily live information on training, and lost birds will be available on our website. For any sick bird that becomes very sick, we will call the owner and ask him to replace the bird. In this way you’re not wasting your perch fee.

    You could be the one who takes home a portion of the


    2017 Pro Challenge Race Schedule

    Loft Manager and Trainer: Brad Hoggan
    Race Number Location Distance Date
    North Blackfoot, Idaho

    100 Miles

    Sage Junction, Idaho

    138 Miles

    Spencer, Idaho

    174 Miles

    Red Rock, Montana

    215 Miles

    Apex Exit, Montana

    250 Miles

    Sage Junction, Idaho

    138 Miles

    Garrison, Montana

    326 Miles


    All races under 220 miles will be considered two-day races. The 250- and 326- Mile Races will be considered three-day races!

    Full-Time Loft Manager: Brad Hoggan